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The importance of hoofcare

Caring for the hoofs of your cattle and other livestock is vital to a healthy set of farm animals. Hoof health in dairy cows, especially, has always been a challenge for the dairy industry. Treating lameness is a task that never ends for dairy farmers, and there’s usually at least one cow on a farm at any time that needs some attention. Hoofs can be effected by many thing. Injury, dermatitis, laminitis, and even bad hoof trimming. Some lameness in dairy cows can be the result of an injury to their hipsor pelvis, but the majority of lameness cases in dairy cows is the result of poor or neglected hoof care. Lameness can also be a result of inflammation.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of any potential hoof issues is to properly care for your cattle, and keep them in clean, disinfected environments that have regular cleaning schedules. There are many effective, versatile cleaning products that can be used in the areas that you house cattle in overnight, and during milking procedures.

Another way to prevent foot problems is to have a proper foot bathing routine for your cattle and other livestock. There are solutions that can be used with clean water to maintain the healthiness of hoofs and help prevent foot diseases and other issues. These solutions, some of which are formulated using IONAS barrier technology, can help repair and maintain the hoofs of your animals, while assisting in the prevention of further problems.The regular review of cattle herd nutrition and feeding can also be beneficial in preventing illness and injury. Time spent on good hoof care and proper nutrition will pay off in the long run. Cows are dependent upon farmers for their hoof health. Without closely monitoring hoof health in a dairy cows, you will quickly find that these issues can have a devastating impact on milk production, which then affects your profits. Poor hoof health will also have a detrimental effect on your farm finances, as if the issue becomes serious, you’ll have to pay vet bills for the affected cows, which can quickly become costly.

Hoof trimming is a vital part of proper hoof care. Every one of your cattle should be seeing aprofessional hoof trimmer at least once per year at minimum. Hoof trimming should be part of your regular routine, just like vaccinations. Cattle that have their feet trimmed at least once a year have less of a chance of future foot issues, which can lead to illnesses.Lameness in dairy cattle can dramatically reduce milk production rates, which can be distressing for a small farm. A good foot bathing routine can help to reduce health issues in cattle and other hoofed livestock. Where possible, you should contact a professional who specialises in the sale of livestock hoof care products that have proven results, and a vet who can advise you on the best way to care for your cattle to prevent any issues that can come with unhealthy hoofs.