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Patient Information You Need To Know Before Gallbladder Surgery

There are multiple reasons why you can have gallbladder complications. Surgery becomes the best option, in order to avoid the problem reoccurring. Once you are booked for the surgery, it is important to start preparing. Consider the best surgeon, and you are assured of a high success rate. Here are ways to prepare and have an easy time with the surgery.

Psychological preparation

This is the most important step of preparation for Gallstone surgery in Surrey where the doctor takes time to tell you what the surgery will involve. Discussing with you the dangers involved, and the success rate of the surgery. In case you have any questions, you may be able to ask during this pre-surgery stage. Also, find out about the recovery period.

 Quit smoking

You need to consider quitting smoking. This ought to be at least two weeks prior to the surgery. Also, consider up to 1 year after the surgery. This is because it will interfere with the recovery. This, however, comes with guidance from your surgeon.

Food schedule

When you are close to going for the surgery, consider staying away from food. This should be about 8 hours before the surgery. This is important, as it affects the general anesthetic used and avoids any kind of complication. You can also talk to your doctor about this issue.


Having the right type of diet before you go for the surgery is very important. This is to boost your immunity levels. Also to make sure your hemoglobin level is acceptable for surgery. Consider foods rich in vitamins and proteins. You may take supplements, whenever there is a need. Ensure that you take plenty of water.

Blood clots

You may have a shot to prevent any kind of blood clotting in your body. You may also be required to wear compression gear on the legs, to avoid clotting.

Pre-surgery tests

About a month before the surgery day, you will be required to run some tests. They are mainly known as pre-surgery tests. Some of the tests will include ECG and chest X-rays. The tests are to ensure the best health of your body generally.


You may be required to do some exercises. This is to enlarge and strengthen some organs in your body like the heart and lungs. The exercises may include biking, swimming, walking, breathing exercises and many more.

Having gallbladder surgery is important. This is because you eliminate the risk of recurrence. However, with the right surgeon, you are guaranteed a great and easy surgery. Ensure you choose the best surgery option. Ensure that you arrange with a family member or friend to pick you from the hospital. Also make arrangements with someone to help you at home, until you are fully recovered.

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