Know about the two types of laser eye surgeries available


Eye is the only things makes human feel complete, once if you have an eye problem you should not ignore it you have to be more caution in maintaining you eye problem by treating it with care. There are many of them who often wear glass and often search for that to correct their blur vision but now it’s time to remedy, if you are a people who wear gasses regularly you can opt for lens or laser surgery, which is more helpful and gives you the right choice of going anywhere without glasses.

There are two types of laser eye surgery are done they are

  • Cataract
  • Lasik

Cataract is done is with the age factor, many has noticed some cloudy appearance after the age of 40 to 60. This might lead to cloudy posture in the eye which makes the vision to blur and blindness, once if a person gets involved in treating the best and well known surgeon they can prevent their vision. Many can think what is wrong to go with glasses but once if you done with the surgery you no need to check up your eye power often and change the glasses and to wear it out all the day.

In this cataract the corneas of the human get removed with some micro technique which breaks the cornea outer layer and new artificial lens is impaired in place of the natural one. This gives more clear vision, the artificial one inserted is more clear and offer more exact vision for all purpose. This one is better and reduces the demand of glasses.

The lasik is similar to the cataract but the difference they face is the more. In cataract the natural lens in the eye get replaced with the artificial one but in lasik the cornea is adjusted to the right position, which is more helpful to correct the vision like night blindness and far sightness, but it does not correct the astigmation. Astigmation is the clear round dome shaped surrounding around the cornea, which make your vision to get spoiled. There are two types may seen in the astigmation, like cornea astigmatism and lenticular astigmatism, which they both are corrected using laser surgeries.

Some people need extra surgery to correct the eye, which they first encounter for the cataract and then they might suggested doing with the lasik. This too works good for the people who has astigmation problem. The dome shaped cornea get enclosed in the iris and pupil area, which might lead to vision impairment, once if they done with cataract and lasik they can correct the vision and they leave home without any lens or glasses

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