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Effective Solutions for Memory Loss Now For You

Dementia is a general concept for behavioral change and the decline of memory. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. This condition usually begins in the area that is important for memory, the hippocampus, and is caused by an accumulation of harmful proteins in the brain. Scientists investigated whether better sleep could lead to the slowing down or prevention of this structure.

The Reasons

Alzheimer’s often starts creeping with disorders in the memory at very early age. As the disease progresses, the person concerned loses more and more skills and eventually becomes completely dependent on others. The disease is caused by abnormal protein accumulation in the brain with a decrease in the ability of the brain cells. Plaques in the brain, which usually consist of a protein called amyloid-beta, accumulate in the brain before the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms such as memory loss, personality changes and disorientation. It has been shown before that sleep cleans the brain by washing away the harmful proteins. But can a good night’s sleep also prevent the build-up of these proteins? Therefore, preventing premature memory loss happens to be a very important matter for all.

Lack of sleep

Scientists discovered that sleep deprivation can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in both humans and mice. The researchers focused their arrows during this research on a hormone called Orexine. Our body becomes drowsy when the hypothalamus in the brain reduces Orexine levels in the body. In other words: we are kept awake by this hormone.


In order to see whether the decrease in the plaque structure was actually caused by the Orexine level, the researchers also manipulated brain areas that have nothing to do with sleep duration. As expected, this did not lead to a change in the amount of plaques in the brain. Apparently it is a specific effect of Orexine on sleep regulation that can ensure that harmful proteins have less chance to accumulate in the brain.

The Use of Sleep

Currently, the effects of sleep medication on the production of amyloid beta and the accumulation of plaques are being studied. Recently the first sleeping aid that affects the protein Orexine was tested, and the researchers hope for more similar remedies in future. Perhaps this can lead to an early approach in connection to memory loss. To have a healthy mind and enjoy a good memory as we age is essential to exercise your brain daily through various activities that extend our cognitive skills, as well as follow a good diet and exercise routine. Pay attention to the following article in which we give you all the keys you need to exercise your memory in your daily life and prevent premature memory loss and other degenerative characteristic disorders.

Moreover, the practice of physical exercise is the key to raising intellect because it helps to create more cells and brain connections, resulting in a great ability to learn new things. All kinds of physical activities based on the repetition of movements and requiring a high concentration. For preventing premature memory loss these as well as the nootropic drugs are quite important.